Proud Daughter Publishing


Providing editing and publishing services for self-published authors, iincluding cover designs. I'm also a photographer and producer of creative slideshows.

I just completed my tween trilogy - The Story of Q, and started a related book, Tukaa's Tales, based on a character from book three.

About the Name


'Proud Daughter' is named in honor of my late father, Walter "Monday" Poniedzialek, a WWII veteran who proudly served with the 540th Engineer Combat Regiment. I created a website dedicated in his honor, VI Corps Combat Engineers, and I'm also producing a documentary, No Bridge Too Far, which covers the VI Corps Engineers, from training in '41 and '42, to war's end in Germany in 1945.

Marion's Mumblings

My blog related to my love of many things including, photography, gardening, decorating, science, history, writing, cooking and so much more...I'm a woman of many hats and the word 'boredom' is NOT in my vocabulary!